Ear correction

Protruding ears are often considered as a disturbing blemish. The actually harmless malposition of the ears increases the psychological strain of many patients which can lead to great mental stress.

The KÖ-KLINIK is often approached with the desire of an ideal positioning of the ears to the face and we can help the affected patients to a significant improvement.

By means of an operational positioning of the ears, protruding ears can be formed and corrected to match the harmony of the total appearance. The correction of ears requires special knowledge and is completed by medical specialists in our house who have specialised in this treatment method and have carried it out numerous times before. We are happy to provide you with other patients’ ‘before and after’ photographs in a personal consultation.

The correction of ears requires special operation techniques and distinguishes itself by means of its natural results, besides its extremely gentle method. The scars are hidden as small, fine lines behind the ear and are hardly conceived. The ear correction is carried out free of pain in twilight sleep or under anaesthetic. The operation is attended by a medical specialist for anaesthesia. It is recommendable to stay at the KÖ-KLINIK for one night after the procedure and to wear a headband for two to four weeks for protection. Bruises and swellings will dissappear within two to three weeks.

Besides the positioning of the ears, in a short procedure the earlobes can also be reduced or reformed in cases in which ear holes were ripped by heavy earrings. This procedure can be completed in an out-patient session.

We would be happy if we were able to help you with our initial information on the topic of ear correction. Our medical specialists will be available for you for a detailed consultation during which they will be able to refer to your questions personally in a competent way.

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