Inverted nipples / correction of inverted nipples

Inverted nipples / correction of inverted nipplesInverted resp. retracted nipples often lead to insecurities among patients which often develops to mental stress.

Inverted nipples means that the nipples are turned-in and do not turn outwards any more in a natural way. Often, they originate in an innate or developed malformation in the area of the nipples. The lactiferous ducts are often shortened with an inverted nipple which is why the nipple stays inverted. This inversion can be present on one or on both sides.

Inverted nipples can be permanently corrected by means of a comparatively small procedure. Thanks to innovative procedures and our medical specialists’ experience, the correction of inverted nipples leaves mostly none resp. hardly visible scars. The nipples will remain constantly errected after the healing. Normally, with our technology no further inversion will develop.

The procedure for the correction of inverted nipples cannot be conducted until the development of the breast is completed. Child planning should however be terminated, because breast feeding will no longer be posisble after the procedure.

The out-patient correction of inverted nipples can be carried out in twilight sleep. Keeping safety in mind, the procedure will be attended by a medical specialist for anaesthesia.

The KÖ-KLINIK employs medical specialists who have specialised in the correction of inverted nipples and who will be available for a personal consultation. Here, we can also show you ‘before and after’ photographs of other affected patients.

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