Suction of the underarm perspiratory gland

Many patients suffer from severe perspiration and its visibility. While perspiration marks are tolerated in the sporting area, they turn into great stress in vocational and business life, if they even show through ladies’ suits or trouser suits. This can lead to psychological problems. We are able to help these affected patients.

Excessive underarm perspiration is treated with a suction of the perspiration gland - permanently!

With the help of this method, it is possible to remove a great part of the perspiratory glad in the armpit. The tissue beneath the skin with the perspiratory glands contained therein is suctioned on the surface. This treatment means a drastic decrease of perspiration at best, in the worst case at least a significant reduction.

After the treatment, a pressure band is applied which must be worn for three days. There may be temporary swellings, bruises and redness in the suctioned area which will disappear latest after two to three weeks. No sporting activities should be carried out for approx. four weeks.

Injections of botulin toxin A (botox) can be offered as an alternative of the perspiratory gland suction which will lead to a stoppage of perspiration for a period of about half a year.

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