The KÖ-KLINIK offers its patients more than just a wide range of operative procedures which can be carried out either in conjunction with a stay at the clinic or as an outpatient. Operative treatments such as wrinkle treatments and subcutaneous injections are also carried out regularly by medical specialists with a great deal of routine. Our experts are happy to advise you during a personal consultation.

Hair Restoration

Effective treatment of hair loss and hairless places

Our plastic and aesthetic surgery treatment methods

Cosmetic surgery is an important and creative field, however also requires a high degree of empathy and aesthetic consciousness. Patients who decide to undergo a cosmetic operation want to feel attractive and comfortable with themselves. But what is beauty exactly? Factors such as a sense of well-being, harmony and symmetry but also perfection play an important role in the definition of people and objects which we consider beautiful. Patients turn to the experts at the KÖ-KLINIK for assistance in regaining a positive attitude towards their bodies. The plastic and aesthetic medicine offered at our clinic opens up enormous possibilities to satisfy your subjective perception of beauty and aesthetics.

Optimum preconditions for cosmetic operations

Your exclusive care before, during and following the procedure begins with loving, competent service in pleasant surroundings and ends with optimum aftercare by our specialist physicians for plastic and aesthetic medicine and trained personnel. Our clinic for cosmetic surgery is characterized by in-depth specialist medical training; years of experience and regular advanced training. The KÖ-KLINIK has modern operating theatres which are equipped with safe, modern anaesthesia units.

Individualized anaesthesia

Along with plastic surgery anaesthesia requires special attention. The KÖ-KLINIK guarantees a high degree of safety in this regard. Medical specialists for anaesthesia are responsible for managing the blocking of pain as well as careful supervision of the patient during and immediately after the procedure. The amount of anaesthetic administered is adjusted to each patient’s individual needs.

Surgery – Your satisfaction is our most important goal

Every one of our plastic and aesthetic surgery treatment methods is carried out in accordance with our clinic’s philosophy. Exclusivity, quality and fair prices do not have to be mutually exclusive. In-depth personal consultations are essential for both us and you to achieve a perfect, harmonious result – no matter which procedure you decide on. Every one of our medical specialists will meet you with a high degree of empathy and specialist knowledge to help you get closer to your personal definition of beauty.

Detailed information and personal consultations

The KÖ-KLINIK team invites you to obtain detailed information about the various treatment methods offered by plastic and aesthetic surgery. In addition to the information given here, you may also be interested in the website’s expert interviews in which our medical specialists discuss specific cosmetic operations in greater detail.

We would be pleased to greet you at a personal consultation. Contact us by telephone or use the contact form.