Wrinkle treatment

Often the soul is reflected in one’s face. Your vitality and mimics are borne by many situations of everyday life which can be connected to happiness, but also to worries and stress. While wrinkles caused by laughing appear friendly, other face lines are deeply embedded and create a peaked and tired impression. The signs of the times however are not only eternalised in the face, the neck and the cleavage are also affected and in need of special attention. The main cause is mostly genetic, but environmental influences, sun and nicotine can also leave their slight marks.

A wrinkle treatment with injections enables you the freedom and possibility to impinge on the troubling wrinkles. There are many methods of wrinkle treatment and you are in need of an intensive information session with our specialists. Here, the ideal therapy will be recommended to you to help you to a younger and fresher expression. The KÖ-KLINIK has exclusively committed to gentle methods which distinguish themselves by their compatibility and effectiveness.

In principle, nearly all wrinkles and small wrinkles can be reduced or even corrected completely. However, the duration and intensivity of the improvement depend on important aspects such as the depth of the wrinkles, the skin appearance and the lifestyle.

One of the possibilities of treating wrinkles is the injection of hyaluronic acid which can be applied for lifting and padding the wrinkles as a natural component of the skin. Hyaluronic acid can be dosed very accurately and is very tolerable. Its effect lasts for between four to six months and decomposes naturally.

By means of botulin toxin A, referred to as botox, the muscle activity can be relaxed and it therefore presents an ideal method of treating mimic wrinkles. The application is effective especially for wrinkles on the forehead and wrinkles of anger as well as eye wrinkles (crow’s feet). Botox can also be implied preventively. The effect of botox will not set in until a few days. It is thereby important to remain the natural mimics and to simply maintain a fresher facial expression. The skin will become more smooth and the appearance will be more relaxed. The treated muscle will regenerate and the botox effect will last for approx. four to five months. After repeated botox injections it might last for even longer in some cases.

Until now there has not been any help for the cleavage which consists of very delicate skin and no fat content for protection. The appearance of lengthwise and so called crinkled wrinkles is the reason why many women suffer. Mesotherepapy applies where cremes and peelings are at their limits. It is a new method of skin regeneration and combines minerals with vitamines and hyaluronic acid. While cremes only add moisture to the skin on the outside, mesotherapy additionally stimulates the collagen synthesis in the lower layers of skin. This cocktail of nutrients is especially suitable for the treatment of skin damaged by sun and nicotine as well as for maintaining or restoring a fresh and juvenile appearance of the skin. The whole facial and cheak area including the area of the lower eyelid as well as the cleavage and the neck can be treated.

By means of a special technique, the agents are able be implied in the respective layers of skin directedly and nearly without pain. This leads to a precisely accurate dispersion which is very effective and achieves very beautiful results. The success is directly visible depending on the skin type, and the treated areas appear fresher, younger and firmer. You will be fit for society already one hour after the treatment. A slight irritation of the skin and redness might appear which can however be covered up with make-up without any problems. There will be hardly any bruises. Apart from that no side effects are to be expected. In order to achieve an ideal effect, we recommend three to four treatments at intervals of two to three weeks. We also suggest a repeated application of one to two times a year for maintenance resp. refreshing.

For Lipofilling, fat cells are taken from certain regions of the body with thin tubes, processed in a special procedure and inserted into the wrinkles. Since only a part of the inserted fat cells remains vital, it is recommended to repeat the lipofilling two to three times until the desired result has been reached. Normally, the procedure can be completed out-patient in twilight sleep. Depending on the scope of the procedure, the visible consequences of the lipofilling will vanish after three to four days. The effect is permanent.

We would be happy to have provided you with a first impression of wrinkle treatment. Our medical specialists will be available for a personal consultation during which you will be given extensive information and advice.

We are looking forward to you.

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