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Privatklinik für Kosmetische und Plastische Chirurgie

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Cosmetic surgery: Costs

Detailed information about the treatment costs at KÖ-KLINIK

No matter if you dream of a breast enlargement, an abdominoplasty or a nose correction: The KÖ-KLINIK in Düsseldorf is one of the most renowned private clinics in this segment and stands for high quality and a long-standing experience. Our experienced experts for plastic and aesthetic surgery will be at your side when it comes to your individual beauty and well-being.

Treatment costs are as individual as you are

Very often interested people contact us in order to get general information about the price for a treatment. Some clinics do public standardized prices for the cosmetic surgery they offer and write for example: “The costs for a breast enlargement are … euro”, an abdominoplasty can be offered to the price of… euro” or something like “an eyelid tightening costs about… euro”. The medical specialists at KÖ-KLINIK do not think that this way of offering general prices is appropriate. Every patient and thus every medical situation is absolutely individual. Only a personal examination as a consequence of a non-binding counselling advice provides all relevant factors to finally compose the price for the desired cosmetic surgery.

The costs of a cosmetic surgery depend on different factors

The effort and thus the costs of a cosmetic surgery depend on your personal wishes and your individual preconditions. For example at a breast enlargement, the connective tissue, the form of the breast, a possible flabbiness of the breast and the choice of the desired breast implants have an influence on the operational measurements and thus the final treatment costs. Also a facelift depends on different factors. It is the same with interventions such as liposuction, upper arm lift, breast reduction or lip modelling. The exact costs for your treatment are being summed up during a personal counselling interview with your treating medical expert and are being recorded in a binding cost report.

Cost absorption by the health insurance

Cosmetic surgeries, such an aesthetic breast enlargements, are usually not considered by the health insurances to be medically necessary and are thus not supported by them. However, there are single medical findings at which an intervention serves the health at the same time, such as for example a nose correction when suffering from a distortion of the nasal septum or a breast reduction when suffering from back pain. In these cases, the estimation of the medical necessity takes places by the medical service of your health insurance.