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An expert interview with Dr. med. Ute Bergander

Medical specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery at the KÖ-KLINIK

Dr. Bergander, the female breast is considered a symbol of feminine beauty and the options for plastic and aesthetic surgery in this field are particularly diverse – as is also the case for breast lifting. Breast feeding and the aging process can often lead to a loss of elasticity in connective tissue causing the natural, round shape of breasts to decrease. What options are there to recreate the natural look of breasts?

Today we have a wide range of options in this field since there are have been major developments in operative techniques in recent years. The quality of breast implants, for example, has improved enormously. It used to be “normal” that replacements were required after around ten years because the implants only had a limited life span. That is no longer the case. Individual breast shape can now be taken into account when operating as there is today a huge range of different shapes to choose from – after all, every breast is individual and unique. And every shape requires its own perfect, individual solution, which is arrived at following a careful analysis by the surgeon in partnership with the patient. This, however, requires an in-depth, honest discussion between both parties. 

It is often also necessary to carry out a combined procedure to achieve the optimum results. In other words, it is not enough to enlarge breasts but rather excess skin also has to be removed at the same time. Simply lifting or reducing breasts which are too large and, of course, end up “sagging” more at some point can produce fantastic, natural-looking results. Today we have excellent options for performing these operations with a minimum of scarring. Asymmetrically sized or shaped breasts or nipple positions, etc. are also quite common. Women themselves are often not aware of them but must, on all accounts, be recognised and explained by the surgeon and included in their planning in order to achieve the best possible results. There is an individual, best solution for every breast. 

Large breasts are often considered to be particularly attractive. How do you explain the fact that many women decide to have their breasts reduced, thus “loosing” this allure? 

Large breasts are not attractive simply because they are large. Their aesthetically pleasing shape is also alluring. When breasts are very large and sag a lot, which is inevitable at some point, this can actually be unattractive. Some women also feel that large breasts are an impediment in their daily lives; when doing sport; etc. and, as a result, want a reduction. The resulting shape is often more perfect than before. And thanks to their improved self-confidence such women often feel far more attractive, which in turn increases the “allure” of their overall personality all by itself. At the end of the day we are all human beings and react to subconscious signals– which are both wonderful and alluring at the same time.