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Privatklinik für Kosmetische und Plastische Chirurgie

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Chemical peeling for a healthy, fine-pored and radiant skin

A peeling gets rid of the upper, horny layers of the skin. This is achieved by substances, which are differentiated by their penetration depth into the skin and therefore their potency. As opposed to commercially available peelings which are applied at home or by beauticians, higher and more concentrated substances are applied at the KÖ-KLINIK.

Fruit acids (e.g. glycolic acid) are...

Anti-Aging Medicine Congress in Monaco

The wrinkle treatment expert at the KÖ-KLINIK, Claudia Roth, participated in the Anti-Aging World Congress (AMWC) in Monaco in April.

In live demonstrations, worldwide eminent authorities such as Dr. Mauricio de Maio/Brazil, Dr. Phillip Levy/Switzerland, Dr. Massimo Signorini/Italy or Dr. Mark Hamilton/England, demonstrated the latest and particularly gentle injection methods with Juvéderm...

Men are discovering beauty surgery for themselves

As a clinic for plastic and aesthetic surgery, for a long time, we were only approached by women. In the meantime, men are increasingly interested in beauty surgery. Injections in order to counteract wrinkles, liposuction in different areas and lifting of the eyelids are among men’s popularity scale.

Like women, men wish for a fresher appearance without looking articifial. Some wrinkles are...

Hand rejuvenation – correcting the signs of older age

Well cared for hands are a key symbol of attractiveness. Whether women’s or men’s, in the job or private life – the hands are always seen and tell the true age.

Apart from the face, the hands are especially exposed to environmental influences. Visible traces become apparent with age: the skin thins out, the hands become wrinkled and develop pigmentation marks. Due to the decrease of...

The new dimension in wrinkle treatment by injection

Without pain and bruises

The new Pix`L needle, an injection needle developed especially for the treatment of wrinkles, offers nearly pain-free wrinkle treatment.

Bruises and swelling are minimised like never before, or do not even occur. The even results are visible immediately and impress through their natural look. The time off is extremely short and assists in getting back into...