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Flabby skin on the stomach is conceived as unaesthetic and disturbing. This problem does not only affect women, more and more men make use of the possibility of operative help.

Heavy weight loss or pregnancy, too, can leave their marks and weaken the abdominal wall. The mantle of skin will become too large, wrinkled and flabby. Since this blemish does not naturally adjust, it often leads to mental complexes and personal retreat from everyday life. An unattractive stomach is the result of reduced tension of the skin which is a torture for many affected, especially in summer time. By means of operative abdominoplasty, superfluous skin and fat tissue can be removed in an extremely gentle way which can neither be corrected by diets nor by training. The result is a beautiful, flat stomach.

Abdominoplasty is carried out by medical specialists for plastic and aesthetic surgery in our house who are renowned as experts for this procedure.

A sophisticated operation technique enables our specialists today to permanently remove superfluous fat and skin tissue in a low-risk procedure by means of abdominoplasty for nearly every affected person, in order to improve the body outline. Furthermore, it is possible to reunite and lift the straight stomach muscles which tend to drift apart after a while. In this way, the abdominal wall will be strengthened and the waist will be narrowed. At the same time, appendix and caesarian scars can be corrected, if necessary. In most cases, stretch marks can also be reduced or even removed during abdominoplasty, because the superfluous skin tissue beneath the navel is firmed.

Under certain conditions a combination of abdominoplasty and liposuction is advisable in order to achieve an ideal result.

With its medical specialists, the KÖ-KLINIK has different possible solutions for abdominoplasty which can be applied individually and personalised. For every patient, the optimum is aspired, in order to achieve a more beautiful overall appearance.

Every abdominoplasty distinguishes itself by its gentle and highly qualified technique of stitches and operation which leave an impressive skin with hardly visible scars, independend of the amount of superfluous skin. The fine scar lines can hardly or not at all be seen underneath underwear or swim wear.

In order to create ideal preconditions for the abdominoplasty, we recommend to complete a planned diet before the procedure and to reach the weight you feel at ease with.

The procedure is normally completed under total anaesthetic, constantly attended by a medical specialist for anaesthesia. An in-patient supervision of two to three days in our clinic is usually recommended whereas our patients are cared for around the clock by our well-trained nursing staff besides our routined medical specialists. In order to prevent swellings and effect a remodelling of the skin at the same time, our special corsage is fitted for our patients which should be worn for six weeks. The stitches will be removed after approx. two to three weeks.

Our initial information on abdominoplasty is only general and does not respond to you personally. We would therefore like to recommend an individual consultation with our medical specialists who will be happy to inform you and refer to your questions and needs.

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