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Hyperhidrosis Therapy

Permanent help against excessive sweating

Many patients suffer from excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis). Especially in the armpits it is difficult to hide sweat stains which may become a psychological strain for the people affected, especially when the sweat even gets through the suit, the jacket or the blazer. This problem cannot be solved by using deodorants or taking special care of the body hygiene. KÖ-KLINIK offers two very effective treatments against hyperhidrosis: the sweat gland suction and injections with botulinum which is also known as Botox®.

With Botox® against disturbing sweat stains

Botulinum is mostly known as a means against wrinkles. But injections with Botox® are also very effective, minimally invasive treatments against hyperhidrosis. The ingredient stops the nerves that are responsible for activating the sweat glands. The respective nerve is thus no longer able to send information to the gland – the sweating is stopped. Botox® is especially used against hyperhidrosis under the armpits but also against excessive sweating at the hands, feet, the scalp or other body regions can be treated effectively with it. The injection into the armpits is mainly painless thanks to an anaesthetic cream. But when it comes to the hands or the feet the experts from KÖ-KLINIK usually carry out the Botox® therapy under a local anaesthesia as the pain perception is usually a lot higher there. The effect begins after about one to three days and will continue for between four and twelve months.

Sweat gland suction at KÖ-KLINIK

With a sweat gland suction we treat the excessive sweating under the armpits – in the long term. By way of this method we can remove the majority of the sweat glands in the armpits. When our experts for plastic and aesthetic surgery suck off sweat glands, they treat the tissue under the skin that includes the sweat glands by removing the majority of the sweat glands. For the patient this intervention is especially gentle as the specialists from KÖ-KLINIK use a special method that is nearly free of scars. Just like at a liposuction we carry out the sweat gland suction with specially made tubes.

After the sweat gland suction

As a consequence of the sweat gland suction there might be a slight discoloration for a certain period of time. Subsequent to the treatment, we will apply a compression bandage immediately which has to be worn for several days. Temporary swellings, haematoma and a reddening in the treated area may occur but all will disappear after a couple of weeks. We recommend avoiding doing sports or visiting the sauna for about four weeks after the intervention.

Permanent success against excessive sweating

The final success of the sweat gland suction can be seen after three months. You can expect a remarkable reduction of the sweat production. By sucking off the sweat glands, our experts can improve the sweating by about 30 to 50%. As the extension of the hyperhidrosis individually depends on the patient, this may vary.

Hyperhidrosis therapy at KÖ-KLINIK

Are you suffering from excessive sweating? If the answer is yes, you can now do something against this problem – for example with a hyperhidrosis therapy at KÖ-KLINIK. Come on and agree on a non-binding counselling interview in which our experts will find out the most suitable treatment method for you: Botox® injections or sweat gland suction. Contact us by phone or by filling in our contact form. We are looking forward to your inquiry.