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Upper arm lift

Gentle procedure at upper arm lift

Many men and women desire to have their upper arms lifted. The signs of ageing do not pass by the present upper arms – the consequence is unpleasant skin areas or a wrinkled skin texture. An upper arm lift is thus often the only possibility for the people affected to get back to a more youthful appearance. As a private beauty clinic in Düsseldorf, the KÖ-KLINIK is specialised onlifting upper arms.

Reasons for an upper arm lift

The tissue of the upper arms can become flabby and shapeless for different reasons. As a consequence of a remarkable weight reduction or as a result of an age-related loss of elasticity, the skin at the inner side of the upper arms may be sagging as the tissue is very loose, thin and soft there. Often there may also appear very fine wrinkles that let the skin look unattractive and creased. These wrinkles cannot sustainably be improved, neither by doing sport nor by massages or special creams.

Upper arm lift: operative treatment

Lifting the upper arms, we can remove the disturbing skin and maybe also fat tissue excesses while lifting the remaining tissue. Furthermore, thin creased wrinkles can also be eliminated. Before the upper arm lift the expert for plastic and aesthetic surgery measures the skin to be removed precisely and marks the relevant cuts.

The tissue is being removed by a cut on the inner side of the upper arms. The expert determines the length of the cut as well as the exact course according to the initial findings. Sometimes it might be necessary to make another small cut in the armpit if there is a lot of loose tissue. The arising fine scar will not be visible later when the arm is hanging down, neither from the front nor from behind. It fades within some months and will be hardly visible after that. The operative upper arm lift is being carried out under a general anaesthetic and is connected with an in-patient stay of one day.

Lifting the upper arms: after the intervention

The operation is being carried out in a very gentle way. Sometimes it is connected with a superficial liposuction using the tumescence technique with which the contours can be formed better. Additionally, the skin tissue can be removed especially gently and without hurting deeper structures so that there will hardly be any haematoma, feelings of numbness, pain or disorders of wound healing. The operation takes about two hours.

Subsequently, you will have to put on a specially adapted bodice which minimises swellings. During a period of four to six weeks we recommend to wear this bodice continuously. The sutures are usually self-dissolving and thus do not have to be removed. In order to further care for the scars, you can use special creams after about four weeks.

Counselling advice regarding upper arm lift

We accompany you during your desire for an upper arm lift and offer you detailed information given in a personal interview with our specialists. The entire team of KÖ-KLINIK is looking forward to your contact inquiry and your appointment – by telephone or by using the contact form.