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Privatklinik für Kosmetische und Plastische Chirurgie

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Breast: Operation carried out by experienced team of doctors

Aesthetic and beautiful breasts according to your wishes

The female breasts are surely the most significant symbol of a woman. For thousands of years a harmonic bosom stands for femininity and attractiveness: In the visual arts, in literature and in many kinds of media the breasts are made a subject. But what is the “perfect breast?” An English cosmetic surgeon claims to be able to calculate the ideal measurements with mathematical formulas. However, it is a lot more important that the woman feels good with her breasts: Finally, aesthetics is a subjective estimation and has to be assessed individually by every single woman.

Women, who are unsatisfied with the size, form or the nature of their breasts, can address to the medical specialists of the KÖ-KLINIK. Thanks to many years of experience in the field of breast operations, our beauty clinic disposes of an expertise in the field of breast operations.

Our treatments at the breast

  • Breast enlargement
    If the female patient suffers personally from too little breasts, we recommend a breast enlargement (Mamma-Augmentation). At this breast operation, tested silicone implants are being used in order to achieve more volume. The specialists from KÖ-KLINIK dispose of a long-standing experience in the field of breast surgery: All our operations including pre and post-treatment are carried out under the utmost discretion and safety.
  • Breast reduction
    Also too big breasts can contribute to the fact that the patient does not feel comfortable in her own body. Disproportions of the female breast with regards to the body height can have not only psychological but also physiological impacts, such as back pain. A breast reduction (Mamma reduction plastic) carried out by our experts can increase your attitude toward life significantly.
  • Breast lifting
    The specialists from KÖ-KLINIK always use gentle operation methods. Our aim is to tighten the breast tissue and to give it its natural form again. If desired, we can also use implants in addition to the breast lifting in order to enlarge the volume of the breast and to achieve an optimal result.
  • Breast tightening
    As a consequence of pregnancies, diets or the signs of ageing the natural fullness of the breasts may decrease. Flabby, hanging breasts are the consequence. By way of a breast tightening hanging breasts can be lifted again. The result is a female breast with an aesthetic form.
    In order to achieve a permanently good result from both, the breast reduction and the breast tightening, we use special operation methods that lead to an aesthetic form and size while characterizing itself by little scars that remain.
  • Retracted nipples
    The form of the nipple can vary. Although its main function is to breastfeed babies, some women suffer from so-called inverted nipples. In this case the nipples are formed inwards with the shape of a funnel With regard to aesthetical aspects, this is being considered as a blemish by many women. In a gentle breast operation (correction of inverted nipples) the nipples are being corrected.

Make a non-binding appointment for a counselling interview

Our team of experts will gladly advise about the different breast operations you in a non-binding counselling interview. Contact us by phone or by using the contact form for your inquiries.