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Breast enlargement and breast lifiting

The female breast is the symbol of femininity and beauty. The breast and the cleavage are subject to different ideals of beauty which can depend on the size and form of the breast.

Breast enlargement is carried out every day by medical specialists in the KÖ-KLINIK who have specialised in the topics of breast enlargement and lifting. They dispose of approved exclusive techniques which ensure natural results for their patients.Besides their great demand of perfection, due to their great routine and the numerous procedures, our expertes can present excellent results of which we are able to show you ‘before and after’ photographs in the KÖ-KLINIK. As with all procedures, it is especially important for our medical specialists to react to the patients’ personal wishes and questions concerning the breast enlargement, too. For this reason, we recommend a nonbinding and individual consultation with our specialists who will attentively and competently assist you.

The wish for a breast enlargement is very popular among women and we would be happy to give you a initial overview with our following information.

Breast enlargement can help women with breast that are too small or limp to the desired volume and an more aesthetic breast form. Breasts of different sizes can also be balanced by inserting implants.

A permanently good result can be achieved by an implant. A silicone implant still offers the most natural look, because it can hardly be distinguished from the own tissue and it is not perceived as a foreign body. Extensive scientific studies (USA, Europe) have proved that there is no connection between silicone implants and breast cancer, allergic reactions or diseases of the connective tissue.

The KÖ-KLINIK exclusively uses breast implants by ALLERGAN / McGhan and MENTOR which are provided with the EU seal of quality, as well as safe and selected because of their quality, and present a rough surface by excellently imitating the natural breast gland tissue in order to prevent capsule fibrosis.

Silicone gel breast implants do not have a negative influence on the body and are very well tolerated. Neither later pregnancies nor breast feeding children nor flying nor diving speak against the use of breast implants.

The insertion of the implant can e.g. be effected through a small access in the areola. The subsequent scar is not only small and very fine, but hardly visible due to the pigmentation on the areola.

Visible scars can also be prevented by insertion through the armpit. For this low-scar method of breast enlargement, the location for the implant is creasted by means of a small access in the armpit with an endoscope. The endoscope enables a perfect supervision for the surgeon by means of video broadcasting, and the implant can be placed accurately to the millimetre through sharp sighted control. With this elegant procedure, a scar on the breast is prevented and it is especially suitable for patients with small areolas. At the same time, this method provides an alternative for nearly all patients who generally prefer an underam scar to a scar on the nipple.

In order to reestablish or maintain a beautiful and harmonious form of the breast, a lifting of the breast can also be recommended besides the placing of an implant, in case of a flabby mantle of skin.

Furthermore, the KÖ-KLINIK disposes of approved techniques for a desired exchange of implants in case of already operated breast enlargements..

The procedure is carried out under anaesthetic and is self-evidently attended by a medical specialist for anaesthesia. The in-patient supervision requires a two days stay in our clinic where you will be supported by our well-trained nursing staff all around the clock, besides our medical specialists. The stitches can be removed after 14 days.

Hard physical work and sporting activities should not be carried out for approx. four weeks. Sun bathing or solarium with uncovered breasts will be possible again eight weeks after the operation. The individual advice and support depending on the procedure will be provided personally by our medical specialists.

Our medical specialists will be available for an individual and personal consultation during which you will be extensively and competently informed. We are looking forward to your contact and remain

with best regards