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Breast lifting with natural results

Aesthetically attractive results thanks to a breast operation

Many factors may weaken the breast tissue and may lead to a flabby breast. As a consequence of an extreme loss of weight, a pregnancy and the following breastfeeding period as well as due to hereditary or age-related reasons, the female breast begins to lose its tightness and becomes flabby. This flabbiness of the skin and the gland tissue as well as the thus related sagging breasts is very often perceived as disturbing and very burdening by some female patients.

Against sagging breasts: Lifting as the only sustainable means

No matter if you had tighter breasts before which have been losing more and more their form or whether you have already been suffering from sagging breasts since your youth: As experts for plastic and aesthetic surgery, the medical specialists from KÖ-KLINIK know that a breast operation is mostly the only possibility to restore tight, voluminous breasts. A gentle intervention achieves a lifting of the breast, for which the doctors use an operation technique that nearly leaves no scars. The result is tight breasts that fit to your other body proportions.

Breast lifting with natural results

Every female patient has got a different imagination of aesthetically attractive breasts. That is why the planning of the operation has to be carried out in close collaboration with the patient to achieve a harmonic look. Using modern operation techniques, the body-own tissue can be used to create an aesthetic and attractive breast. In the course of the breast lifting, also implants can be used. Like this, we can carry out a breast enlargement at the same time.

Modern operation techniques

A profound training as well as many years of experience in the field of the plastic and aesthetic surgery make our medical specialists to your competent contact partner. The surgical experiences of the specialists play an important role in the field of breast operations. Depending on the personal needs and the given body shape of the patient, the treating doctor chooses the most suitable operation technique. Breast volume as well as their form, the skin texture and the existing skin excess are important factors that have to be considered by the medical specialist of KÖ-KLINIK when choosing the best operation technique.

Individual advice and exclusiveness at KÖ-KLINIK

When dreaming of a youthful, tight breast, KÖ-KLINIK in Düsseldorf is your first address. In an exclusive treatment ambience you will have the necessary resting period to completely accept this physical change. The breast lifting is only carried out after an individual counselling advice with the experts of KÖ-KLINIK, in which they also chose the most suitable procedure.
We would be very happy to advise you. Make an appointment for a counselling advice in order to get detailed information about the breast lifting. To do so, use our contact form.