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Breast lifting and breast reduction

Breasts which are too large can be a great problem to women. As an example, this can lead to a one-sided strain of the spine which can end in heavy back and shoulder ache. Excessively voluminous breasts are also often perceived as a disbalance with regard to the other proportions and do not seldomly lead to mental stress for the patient. We are approached with the wish to adjust breasts of different sizes as well as with the request for help in cases of strongly sagging breast tissue.

The KÖ-KLINIK team of physicians consists of experts who have specialised in breast operations. We can therefore promise to our patients that the desired procedure will be carried out by an expert who has already completed numous breast operations as a medical specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery and who distinguishes himself by great expert knowledge. At the beginning there will be a thorough consultation during which you will be extensively informed and during which we will refer to your personal needs and questions.
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In order to achieve a permanently beautiful result with the breast reduction and breast lifting, we apply special operation methods which will lead to an aesthetic form and size and distinguish themselves by a low residue of scars. The style of the procedure depends on the personal needs and the patient’s natural condition. Apart from the state of the skin and skin excess, the volume and the form of the breast are the bases for an ideal procedure.

A sunken and sagging breast can be lifted and will thereby receive a beautiful and attractive form once again.

Breast reduction is advisable for innate large breasts or also for a remaining enlargement after pregnancy. Breast reduction can also be possible in case of a change of hormones (menopause) or a general gain of weight. The breast volume will be reduced and the curve of the breast will be newly formed. The size and form of the breast will be adapted to the rest of the body.

Often, connected spine problems and also headaches will subsequently improve. This procedure enhances the general well-being and is a motivation for sporting activities.

The medical specialists of the KÖ-KLINIK have undergone special trainings which distinguish themselves by individual operation techniques. These techniques all enable the correction of different breast sizes and innate abnormalities of the form which can be aesthetically adjusted by a reduction or lifting of the breast.

Furthermore, sunken nipples or an uneven position of the nipples can be adjusted. Inverted nipples also require special treatment and will be referred to separately under treatment methods on our website.

The procedure of breast reduction and breast lifting can be carried out after a sufficient period of time of at least six weeks after pregnancy and breast feeding. An optimisation of the general body weight should also be attempted before a reduction operation, since a strong weight loss after the breast correction would inevitably lead to a new sagging of the breasts.

All procedures are carried out by an experienced medical specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery and are self-evidently attended by a medical specialist for anaesthesia.

After the breast reduction / lifting you will remain in the KÖ-KLINIK for an in-patient stay of two nights. The stitches can be removed after two to three weeks. The temporary result can be achieved after approx. six months and the final result after approx. twelve months.

It is advisable to wear a solid sports bra – day and night – for six weeks to support the breast from and relieve the scars.

Here, we are only able to give you a general overview and cannot adhere to your personal questions and wishes. Our specialists are looking forward to an individual consultation during which they can provide you with extensive information on the topic of breast lifting and reduction. We would also be happy to present you with other patients’ references by means of ‘before and after’ photographs in the KÖ-KLINIK.

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