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Gynecomastia / Pseudo gynecomastia - „Men’s breasts

”Men’s breasts” can be treated by a breast operation

A male, striking and well-trained chest is often considered to be a symbol for masculinity. However, many men suffer from a too prominent men’s breast. The people affected perceive this unnatural breast enlargement as unpleasant or even embarrassing. The consequence: a considerable reduction of the self-esteem. From a health point of view, a breast operation is not necessary. However, those that are racked with men’s breasts, often seek for normality and a better awareness of life.

A special operation can be an effective treatment method hereby. The medical specialists from KÖ-KLINIK in Düsseldorf have a special training in this field and could help a lot of affected patients in the past.

Reasons for “men’s breasts“

So-called men’s breasts arise either by an enlargement of the mammary gland (real gynecomastia) or by an accumulation of fat tissue (pseudo gynecomastia), which is often a side effect of a too high body weight. Approximately half of the men suffer from men’s bosoms.

The most common reason for men’s breasts is changes of the hormones during the puberty. Similar to women, the breast volume increases at the age of between 13 and 18 years. At about 90 percent of the boys, the growing breasts disappear within very few years but there are still some teenagers that struggle with men’s breasts until their adulthood. The gynecomastia can be divided into three stage

  • Grade I = small men’s breast
  • Grade II = young girl’s breast
  • Grade III = strong gynecomastia in terms of a female breast

Gynecomastia: Treatment with sustainable success

In a personal counselling interview we will talk about your personal medical history. Subsequently, we will examine your breast. In this examination the men’s breasts are being checked carefully (regarding size and form) and are being verified by a blood analysis that helps to find out if a hormonal disorder may be the reason for the men’s breast.

By way of a liposuction the fat tissue is being sucked off the men’s breast. Excessive mammary gland tissue is being removed by the medical specialists from KÖ-KLINIK by making a cut at the lower areola. When stretching the skin too much, the experts also carry out an additional skin tightening.

After the gynecomastia it is usually necessary to stay about one or two days at the KÖ-KLINIK.

After the breast operation

During the first four to six weeks after the gynecomastia operation, the patient should avoid physical strain such as for example sports. A compression bandage supports the natural wound healing process during that time. For at least three months the affected body area should be protected from direct sunlight.

Comprehensive advice regarding the gynecomastia

Men’s breasts can be treated! The team of KÖ-KLINIK will gladly advise you on the particular intervention and shows you your personal opportunities! We look forward to your inquiry – by phone or by using the contact form.