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Inverted nipple correction

Treat inverted nipples by carrying out an inverted nipple correction

Nipples that are turned inwards are also called temporary respectively real inverted nipples. From the medical point of view, this does not have an impact on the ability to breastfeed. However, this situation often makes the patients feel unsure and may lead to a psychological strain. The general beauty image of an attractive woman often focusses in the female breast. That is why the desire of women affected to get more information about a correction of inverted nipples is mostly due to aesthetic reasons.

The KÖ-KLINIK in Düsseldorf is the first address for a breast operation and provides you with comprehensive information material regarding the treatment of inverted nipples.

Definition: Temporary or real inverted nipples?

Temporary inverted nipples are nipples that are temporarily turned inwards that do not turn outwards in a natural way. In case the nipples are permanently invisible, the medical experts speak of real inverted nipples. Mostly the reasons for this can be found in congenital malformations or those that are due to anomalies in the development. The lactiferous ducts of temporary or real inverted nipples are shortened so that the nipple is being drawn in. This can occur on one side or even on both.

Treating inverted nipples

Temporary and real inverted nipples can be corrected during an intervention which is quite easy, compared to some others. Thanks to innovative procedures and the experience of our specialists, the inverted nipple correction usually does not leave any visible scars. After the healing the nipples stay outside permanently. Usually the nipples will not turn inwards again thanks to our special technique. The intervention is carried out in twilight sleep. Please note: The intervention of correcting inverted nipples can only be carried out when the breast is finally developed. Furthermore, the family planning should be finished as we cannot guarantee the ability to breastfeed after the intervention.

After the correction of inverted nipples

As the intervention is carried out on an ambulant basis, you can already leave the clinic on the same day. Although our used procedure is a very gentle correction method, it remains an operation. Haematoma and slight swellings are possible but they will heal within a couple of days.

On the day after the operation you will be fit again. However, you should avoid doing sports and other physical strain for about two weeks. The threads will be removed about 14 days after the inverted nipple correction.

KÖ-KLINIK is specialised in interventions at the breast

The KÖ-KLINIK disposes of specialists who have specialised in correcting inverted nipples and who are at your disposal for a personal counselling interview. If you wish, we can also show you before-and-after photos of other patients affected.

The health insurance usually bears the costs for a correction of inverted nipples only in exceptional cases. We will be glad to also inform you about the possibilities of financing.