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Ear correction (Otoplasty)

Correcting ears against protruding ears

Protruding ears are often considered to be a blemish. The actually harmless misalignment of the ears often increases the psychological strain that may lead to an emotional burden. Badinages from class mates, colleges or friends can leave deep scars on the self-esteem of the people affected.

The desire for an optimal angle position of the ears with a natural ear form is what we at KÖ-KLINIK often hear. By way of an ear correction we can help the people concerned and can achieve a remarkable improvement.

Specialists for the ear correction

By means of the operative ear correction protruding ears can be formed and corrected in a way that they are again in line in harmony with the overall appearance. The ear correction requires special knowledge and is being carried out at KÖ-KLINIK in Düsseldorf by experts who have specialised in this treatment method and who have executed a multitude of this kind of intervention. We can show you the results of ear corrections in a personal counselling interview on before-and-after photos of other patients.

Procedure of the treatment

Affected people who wish to have their ears corrected should be informed sufficiently: The ear correction requires special operation techniques in order to achieve natural results. The scars hide as small, fine lines after the ear and are hardly visible. The ear correction is usually executed during a painless twilight sleep. Beside the ear correction we can also make ear lobes smaller or reform them or reduce ear holes that have been damaged by too heavy ear rings. This intervention can be carried out on an ambulant basis.

Aftercare of the otoplastic

After the ear correction it is recommendable to use a protective headband for two to four weeks. Haematoma and swellings will disappear within two to three weeks. A temporary disorder of the touch sensitivity is normal and disappears after some time.

After an operative ear correction you have to reckon with being unable to work for three to four days.

Individual advice regarding the ear correction

We will be happy to provide you with some more information about the topic of the ear correction. Our specialists will be at your disposal for a detailed counselling interview in which they answer competently to all your questions. Call us or use the contact form in order to make a non-binding appointment regarding the otoplasty.