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Eyelid correction (blepharoplastic)

Do you look tired although you are feeling fit? In many cases, this is caused by inverted eyelidswhich make you feel a weight on your upper lids and make the onlooker believe you are exhausted, because of excess skin or small depots of fat. So called rings in the area of the lower lid, can also give you a tired and sad expression which is often not desired. A relatively small change to the eyelids can already have a great effect and your eyes will be sparkling again.

The same as with all procedures, it is especially important to achieve natural results with the lifting of the upper and lower eyelids. Our patients are meant to appear fresher and more recovered without looking lifted.

The wish for a lifting of the upper and lower lid is mentioned to the KÖ-KLINIK on a daily basis. The correction of the eyelids is carried out by the experienced medical specialists for plastic and aesthetic surgery in our house who have specialised in the area of the eyes and have already completed numerous respective corrections with a great demand of perfection. Our doctors are available for you for a detailed consultation during which you will be given personal and complete advice and your individual questions will be answered. At the same time you will be able to take a look at other patients’ operating results by comparing the ‘before and after’.

We are happy that you are interested in our eyelid lifting and would like to give you some initial information.

The perceived aging of the face starts with the eyelids. The skin of the lids is only extremely thin and delicate, it is also often very dry due to the low amount of sebaceous glands and missing hairs. Environmental influences, sun and nicotine easily leave their marks. Not only will the upper and lower lid become thinner and wrinkles will appear, the connective tissue will also become weaker and the orbicularis oculi muscle will slacken which will allow fat tissue to enter the front from the inside (e.g. protrusion on the upper lids, rings under the lower lids).

The medical specialists of the KÖ-KLINIK distinguish themselves by means of special operation techniques with microfine stitches in the area of the eyelids which will only leave fine scar lines apart from it being an elegant procedure. The remaining scars are placed in the natural lid and skin folds so that they will be pleasently hidden after the wound healing and you will once more make a fresher and more sparkling impression. Depending on the natural constitution, an accentuation of the eyebrows may also be recommended besides the eyelid correction. In this case, we are also skilled at low scar techniques which we will happily explain to you personally.

The procedure is carried out in twilight sleep or under anaesthetic and can normally be completed in an out-patient session or with one overnight stay. Directly after the procedure you will receive a special cooling cuff, an innovative therapy invention which helps a faster healing. Possible swellings or bruises normally disappear within a few days. The microfine stitches will be removed after seven days.

At an older age, the lifting of the upper and lower eyelid counts among the most popular operations of the face and is completed with precision every day in our clinic.

We would be happy to have provided you with a first impression with our information. Our medical specialists will be available for you in a detailed consultation.

With best regards