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Privatklinik für Kosmetische und Plastische Chirurgie

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Face lifting

Treating wrinkles and signs of aging effectively with a facelift

The face hides a lot of secrets such as the real age. A mature face has experienced a lot and its look can reveal certain things about the individual. Men and women, who address to the KÖ-KLINIK with the desire of a facelift, often say YES to the age but NO to an excessively flabby skin. A facelift can mitigate the signs of the times permanently and thus create a balance between maturity and youth. Face and neck are often affected equally by the ageing process and a harmonious interplay of both is strived for in order to receive an aesthetic unit.

Experienced team of experts for facelift

The team of medical specialists working in our private clinic solely consists of experts who individualise due to their special qualification and their high level of experience in the field of face lifting as well as their utmost claim for ultimate perfection. By way of gentle treatment methods even smaller interventions can have big effects. Of course you are warmly invited to have a look at the before-and-after pictures of other patients, who have undergone a facelift at our clinic.

When it comes to the facelift or any other intervention, we put the utmost importance to natural results. For only a natural appearance can convincingly seem younger and fresher.

Facelift: Especially matched treatment methods

In the course of our life, the skin loses muscles and tension. But also the fat tissue reduces itself in the facial area. The consequence is a flabbiness that may extend to single areas or even several part

  • Forehead and eyebrow area
  • cheeks
  • chin
  • neck

Together with its patients, the KÖ-KLINIK strives for an optimal result and recommends a specially matched operation method for the facelift to achieve a fresh, energetic and permanent appearance. All our techniques of the facelift are characterised by leaving very few and especially inconspicuous scars. Of course every single facelift is being monitored by a specialist for anaesthesia.

Quick presentability after facelift

In our beauty clinic we use a very innovative cooling cuff for an accelerated wound healing. Thanks to the Hilotherm© technology we help you to a quicker presentability. We recommend in general an overnight stay for two to three days in our KÖ-KLINIK. Depending on the extent of the intervention, the visible consequences of the facelift will be subsided after one to two weeks.

Non-binding counselling interview

Our medical specialists will be happy to make an appointment for a non-binding, personal counselling interview regarding the facelift. There we can individually respond to your wished and needs while finding the perfect procedure four your individual facelift.

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