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Lip modelling, Lip correction

Injections make the dream of full lips come true

Full lips and a well-proportioned mouth are a symbol for beauty and sensuality. An attractive mouth can have a sympathetic effect and represents the focus of the face, together with the eyes and the facial expression. In the course of the life, the lips lose volume and let the facial expression seem to look strict or sad. Already some young people do not like their very thin or little contoured lips, which is caused by hereditary reasons. Thus they do have the desire for more volume. A lip modelling can help the patient to improve her lip contour and to minimise crinkles and wrinkles.

Lip correction: KÖ-KLINIK has got many years of experience

The lip modelling is being carried out quite a lot of times at KÖ-KLINIK. Our medical specialists for plastic and aesthetic surgery only recommend gentle and proven treatment methods, which give our patients a safe feeling. The base of every lip modelling consists of a personal counselling advice in which our experts discuss the optimal procedure together with the patient.

Injection with Hyaluron acid

A very gentle and safe possibility of correcting the lips is the injection with Hyaluron acid. As a natural component of the skin, it can be also used for both, to refine the contour and to fill up the lips’ red colour. Hyaluron acid can be dosed very exactly and is very well compatible. Its effect lasts between six to eight months and decomposes naturally. It is thus suited for a gentle lip modelling that achieves natural results.


At a lipofilling, fat cells are being removed from certain body regions by way of very fine cannulas. Finally they are specially prepared before they are used for improving the lip contour and the lip’s red colour during the lip modelling. As only part of the fat tissues brought in stay vital, we recommend a repeated treatment.

After the lip modelling

Directly after the injection there is usually only a slight swelling and redness, which goes back in general after a couple of hours. Additionally, the treated area can be cooled by a cooling pad.

Natural results are paramount

Achieving beautiful and full lips depends on the own lip form and the personal wishes. We would like to underline that our medical specialists from KÖ-KLINIK always do their utmost to achieve natural results that are in accordance with the total appearance.

For further question regarding the lip modelling you can contact our experts at any time. We advise to a personal counselling interview in which we comprehensively explain you the intervention while answering all your questions. Call us or use the contact form for your inquiries.

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