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Vampire lifting, wrinkle treatment and injection

Autoblood plasma, Botox®, Hyaluron acid, volume increase, mesotherapy and lipofilling for a fresher appearance

The face is very often the window to the soul. Its liveliness and facial expressions show the daily routine that is happiness on the one side and worries and stress on the other. While laugh lines may have a sympathetic effect, other visual lines dig deeply and let the face look tired and haggard. But the signs of the times can not only be seen in the face. Also the neck and the décolleté are affected and have to be cared. The main cause is mostly due to genetic reasons but also environmental influences, the sun and nicotine can easily leave their marks.

Wrinkles can be treated

An anti-wrinkle injection offers you the possibility and the chance to have an impact on the disturbing wrinkles. There are a lot of different methods of treating wrinkles and they all need to be discussed before with our specialists. Together we find out the optimal therapy that helps you to get a younger and fresher appearance. KÖ-KLINIK engaged itself to only use gentle methods of treating wrinkles which are characterized by its good tolerability and its effectiveness.

In general nearly all wrinkles and creases can be reduced or even corrected completely. However, the duration and intensiveness of the improvement depend on important factors such as the depth of the wrinkles, the skin texture and the way of living.

Vampire lifting – Wrinkle treatment with autoblood

One form of the wrinkle treatment offering especially natural results comes directly from Hollywood to the Kö: the vampire lifting. Despite its unusual name it is, however, a very gentle treatment method. Instead of using extraneous substances, the vampire lifting works with autoblood. After the specialists of KÖ-KLINIK have removed at maximum 20 millilitres of blood from the patient, they centrifuge and filter it so that it finally becomes blood plasma. The thrombocytes and growth hormones existing are in the plasma lead to a regenerating effect of the skin, which will finally become considerably tighter. Additionally, the vessels renew themselves and new connective tissue develops. The consequence: After the vampire lifting the patients look noticeably fresher and more youthful while their natural facial expression remains.

Ideal for the face: wrinkle treatment with Botox®

When using Botulinum toxin A, in short Botox®, the muscle activity is reduced so that this is an ideal method to treat mimic wrinkles. By this way of wrinkle treatment we can perfectly treat

  • forehead wrinkles
  • frown lines
  • eye wrinkles (crow’s feet)

Botox® can also be used in a preventive way. The effect of Botox® gets visible after a couple of days. The face looks relaxed but not like a mask. It is very important that the natural facial expressions remain and that the face expression looks fresher. The skin gets softer and the appearance looks more relaxed. The treated muscle regenerates and the effect of Botox® lasts for about four to five months – after repeated Botox® injections maybe even longer.

Anti-wrinkle injections with Hyaluron acid

One of the possibilities to treat wrinkles is the injection of Hyaluron acid , which can be used as a natural skin component to tighten and pad out wrinkles. Hyaluron acid can bedosed quite exactly and is well tolerated. Its effectiveness remains between six and eight months and decomposes naturally. As most of the Hyaluron acid products contain narcotics, the treatments are nearly free of pain. Exclusive fillers offer an instant solution to every depth of wrinkle and achieve a remarkable rejuvenation.

Volume increase for a more youthful appearance

In order to counteract the age-related volume loss, volume-increasing injections can achieve a natural lifting effect. Volume treatments give you a more youthful profile and reduce the flabbiness of the skin. Impressive treatment successes can also be reached by combining treatments of volume-increasing methods and anti-wrinkle treatments, such as Hyaluron acid and / or Botox®.

Mesotherapy against wrinkles in the décolleté

So far there has not been any help for the décolleté which consists of very soft skin without any protecting fat. There may arise the so-called longitudinal folds and creases of which many women suffer. The mesotherapy begins where creams and peelings find their limits. It is a new method of the skin rejuvenation which combines minerals with vitamins and Hyaluron acid. While creams only spend superficial humidity to the skin, the mesotherapy stimulates the collagen synthesis in the deeper skin layers, too. This cocktail of nutrients is especially suited for the treatment of sun and nicotine-damaged skin as well as for remaining and restoring a fresh and youthful skin texture. We can treat the entire face and cheek area including the lower eyelid area, the décolleté and the neck.

Body-own fat injections against wrinkles

By injecting body-own fat, which is also called lipofilling, fat cells are being removed from certain body regions by way of a very fine cannula. After that they are especially prepared before they are finally injected into the wrinkles. As only a part of the new fat cells remain vital, we recommend repeating the body-own fat injection several times until the desired result has been achieved. The intervention can usually be carried out in twilight sleep. According to the extent of the intervention the visible consequences of the body-own fat injection fade away after three to ten days.

Individual advice regarding wrinkle treatment

We would be very happy to give you a first general overview of different possibilities of treating wrinkles. Our specialists will be glad to explain and advise you comprehensively in a personal interview. For making an appointment we would like to ask you to call or to use the contact form.