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Hair transplants, own hair transplants

A hair transplant is one of the most requested treatment methods in the sector of plastic aesthetic surgery for males. In combination with a youthful and groomed look, a hair transplant can considerably improve the attitude towards life and the male can achieve success, both at work and in private, much faster.

Hair transplants and own hair transplants in Düsseldorf.

Hair loss starts between the age of 20 and 30 – the hair recedes in the area of the forehead, one goes bald at the temples and a bald crown replaces the former  magnificent head of hair. The causes are genetic, so that an own hair transplant is the only option of improving one's appearance again.

Every second male suffers from hair loss around the top of the head. No wonder then that a look in the mirror is painful. For men who are familiar with this situation, our recognised treatment method offers a sure alternative on the path to new hair growth.

With a hair transplant/ Own hair transplant up to 50% of hair roots are removed from the fringe of  hair not threatened by hair loss. These hair roots are transplanted to bald or thinning areas on the top of the head. There they continue to grow for the rest of the person's life.

A good hair transplant requires a team of absolute specialists, doctors as well as nurses, who achieve first-class results for you with their special know-how.

A technique established in more than 20 years as well as our experienced medical team guarantee an absolutely natural appearance of the hair after a short procedure. In addition to a thorough consultation, professional care after the treatment we, of course guarantee, that the transplanted hair will grow for the rest of the person's life. Our patients therefore know that they are in safe hands and can look forward light-heartedly  to the result which will bring a new zest for life after the treatment .

Current surgery techniques

FUT Technique

With the FUT Technique, the strip removal, an oblong strip of skin is removed from thefringe of hair at the back of the head. The removal is made in parallel to the normal skin tension lines. The removal area is closed again and is practically invisible underneath the top layer of hair. This technique allows transplanting large quantities of hair. This method is simple and low-risk in the hands of our surgeons. The danger of damaging the hair root is only given along  the oblong cutting edges.

FUE Technique

With the FUE Technique individual hair root groups are removed with a specially developed small drill. As prerequisite for this, the treatment area must be shaved completely before the intervention. The created wounds do not need to be closed, so that hardly visible scars remain in the form of tiny points. However, this technique has the disadvantage that this method, depending on the scope of the treatment takes clearly longer and causes considerably higher costs.

You can find detailed information on innovative hair transplants according to the KÖ-HAIR method under