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Hair Loss Therapy

Minimally invasive treatments of excessive hair loss

In our society beautiful and full hair is considered as a sign of youth and beauty. Thus it is not surprising that an excessive hair loss might have negative impacts on the self-esteem of the people affected. One possibility to fight the hair loss is a hair transplant. However, many patients are afraid of this intervention. KÖ-KLINIK offers gentle, minimally invasive alternatives: the Mesotherapy, the PRP treatment as well as the fractional laser therapy. PRP and the fractional laser are often used in combination as they achieve excellent results together.

Mesotherapy against hair loss

Using the Mesotherapy, our expert injects a cocktail of ingredients into the bald spots on the head. This mixture is always adapted to the individual needs of every single patient. Typical components are non-cross-linked Hyaluron acid, vitamins, minerals as well as medical preparations. This mixture is put several times carefully into the bald spots. Under the scalp there will soon be a depot of ingredients that are released by and by. The Mesotherapy stimulates the blood circulation and ensures a better supply of the hair roots with nutrients and oxygen. The hair loss decreases until it has achieved a normal and healthy level again. At the same time the hair growth is stimulated.

PRP therapy against bald spots

The autoblood therapy with plasma that is rich of blood platelets (PRP) is another very effective treatment of hair loss. The professional doctors at KÖ-KLINIK remove a little amount of blood, usually 20 millilitres at maximum. The blood is centrifuged then, filtrated and enriched. At the end of this process there is the PRP, the Platelet Rich Plasma. The PRP is brought into the scalp by using very fine cannulas. The growth hormones of the autoblood plasma enable the stem cells of the hair follicles to regenerate. At the same time they improve the blood circulation of the scalp and enable the hair roots to be supplied better with nutrients and oxygen. Like this the PRP therapy stops the hair loss and accelerates the hair growth.

PRP therapy and fractional laser: strong duo against hair loss

Another minimally invasive treatment of hair loss comes from the field of the laser medicine. Using the fractional laser therapy, our experts do minimal harm to the scalp (wounding) so that new stem cells begin to form due to the wound healing process. The effect is comparable to the one that can be achieved with the PRP therapy. The scalp will be harmed as much as necessary to achieve the desired results. At the same time, we only harm as little as necessary in order to nearly be able to exclude bleedings and incrustations.

KÖ-KLINIK offers the fractional laser therapy also in combination with the PRP treatment, namely for two reasons: As both treatment methods stimulate the creation of new stem cells, this effect can be multiplied. Another fact is that the fractional laser punches tiny little micro tunnel into the scalp. Like this, the autoblood plasma does not have to be injected with a needle stamp when the scalp has been treated with a fractional laser before.

Hair loss therapy at KÖ-KLINIK

Are you suffering from an excessive hair loss and would like to change that? Minimally invasive treatments in the field of hair loss therapies are a gentle and effective alternative to the hair grafting. In a non-binding counselling interview our experts will find out with you which minimally invasive treatment is best for you. You can easily make an appointment. Simply call us or use the contact form. We are looking forward to your inquiry!