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Injection Lipolysis

A fat-reduction syringe against stubborn fat pads

Many patients know that: They eat healthy, drink enough water and do sports on a regular basis. However, there are areas on their body on which the fat pads simply do not want to disappear – the so-called problem areas. One way of fighting them is the liposuction. But many patients do not want to undergo this intervention under a general anaesthetic. For those there is a very gentle alternative in the field of minimally invasive treatments: the injection lipolysis. This fat-reduction syringe can perfectly be used for treating smaller fat pads.

How the injection lipolysis works

When applying the injection lipolysis, our professional doctors at KÖ-KLINIK use a preparation called Aqualux®. This is an approved medical product which can only be applied by certified doctors. One ingredient of Aqualux® is fat-splitting deoxycholic acid which our liver produces to digest fat. When this substance is injected directly into the fat tissue, the fat cells (adipocytes) dissolve. The permanently destroyed fat cells are finally decomposed.

Natural results thanks to the fat-reduction syringe

Fat cells do not arise within a couple of minutes. That is why it also takes a while until the adipocytes dissolve after the treatment. The effect begins within a couple of days. After some weeks one can see how much fat could be dissolved. Usually the body needs that period of time to remove the stored fats completely. In order to achieve the most optimal effect, this minimally invasive treatment should be repeated several times. How often this intervention is needed depends on how stubborn and comprehensive the fat pads are. The injection lipolysis at KÖ-KLINIK is especially recommended to treat:

  • smaller fat pads on the thigh and the butt
  • fat depots around the belly
  • fat pads around the hips
  • cellulite
  • double chins
  • lipomas
  • gynecomastia (male breasts)
  • upper arms
  • the inside of the thighs
  • knees

Due to the injection lipolysis a natural process is being initiated in the body so that there are nearly no side effects for this treatment. However, it may come to reddening, haematoma or swellings. Usually they disappear within a short period of time. The treatment is repeated between 4 and 6 times at a distance of 3 to 4 weeks in order to achieve long-term results.

Injection lipolysis at KÖ-KLINIK

Say yes to fight stubborn fat pads in your personal problem areas. Treatment at KÖ-KLINIK offers you very convincing and natural results including our fat-reduction syringe. Are you interested in an injection lipolysis? At KÖ-KLINIK our experts will find out with you if this method is suitable for you. Make an appointment for a non-binding counselling interview, either by phone or by using our contact form. We are looking forward to you!