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Medical Peeling

Healthy skin rejuvenation

Most people know the term peeling from a beauty day at home. Many shower gels and creams contain additives that should clean the skin. In general this is a very good idea. But when you are looking for a really effective, healthy and long-term result, there is only the way of using a medical peeling. These minimally invasive treatments can only be carried out by educated specialists in order to avoid a sustainable damage of the skin. To explain the effect of the medical peeling: At first the dead flakes of the upper skin layer (epidermis) are removed and, according to the way of treatment, also parts of the second skin layer (dermis). As a natural consequence, the epidermis including the tissue below begins to regenerate.

At KÖ-KLINIK we use different methods that depend on the patient’s symptoms: peelings with fruit acid, trichloroacetic acid (TCA) or the fractional laser. Mainly they distinguish themselves from each other by the fact how deep they are brought into the skin. That is why every treatment way has got its own fields of application.

Fruit Acid Peeling

When applying the fruit acid peeling with alpha hydroxyl acids or glycol acids, we only use natural substances. Before the actual treatment can start, the skin has to be cleaned carefully. At KÖ-KLINIK the patients get a special emulsion for that which has to be applied thinly for about 10 days. The fruit acid of the peeling is then applied to the skin where it penetrates for several minutes. The dead skin layers can then be removed without aggressive rubbing. The fruit acid peeling at KÖ-KLINIK is especially suited for fighting:

  • smaller wrinkles
  • skin impurities such as blackheads
  • acne and thin acne scars
  • large-pored skin
  • pigment disorders
  • sun and liver spots

Directly after the peeling the skin may be reddened and is thus cooled. Furthermore, it should be protected intensively from sunlight within about four weeks after the treatment. In order to achieve a permanently good result, the fruit acid peeling is repeated. How often this repetition will be necessary depends on the complaints and the general condition of the skin.

TCA Peeling

The treatment with trichloroacetic acid is a chemical peeling. The advantage of this procedure is that the depth of the peeling can be controlled better thanks to the concentration of the acid. With a superficial treatment the upper skin layers are removed using a solution containing 10 to 15 percent of TCA. A medium or deeper peeling (TCA concentration: 15 to 35 percent) penetrates up to the papillary dermis, the lose part of the second skin layer that is rich of cells. After the skin has been cleaned with alcohol or acetone, the trichloroacetic will be applied in the desired dose and even in several layers. The acid is harmless for the patient as his organism does not absorb it. A few after the treatment the upper skin layers dissolve and new, rosy skin develops. This form of the treatment is successfully used at KÖ-KLINIK for fighting:

  • acne
  • skin that has been damaged by light
  • hyperpigmentation (chloasma / melasma)
  • smaller wrinkles
  • excessive cornification (hyperkeratosis)
  • scars (that are mainly due to acne)
  • pigment disorders
  • warts and age warts

Before the TCA peeling there will be a comprehensive and professional counselling advice in which our experts want to find out about possible allergies or skin disorders. In addition, a pre-treatment during 14 days is necessary in which direct sunlight should be avoided. Furthermore, after the peeling with trichloroacetic the patient should carefully protect the skin from direct sunlight for a period of several weeks.

Laser Peeling

This method is also known as the laser skin rejuvenation and offers significant advantages: As the laser beam of the fractional laser is being filtered, the area to be treated can easily be limited. Furthermore, we can adjust the depth of the treatment very precisely. Like this even sensitive areas for example around the eyes can be treated. The laser peeling has got different positive effects on the skin: Smaller wrinkles can disappear and the skin texture gets finer. In addition, the laser therapy stimulates the creation of the skin-tightening protein collagen. At the same time the collagen fibres contract more so that the skin gets tight, too. And this is how the procedure works: The fractional laser radiates energy and heats up the water in the skin cells. Micro tunnel evaporate during this process.

The laser peeling is especially effective against:

  • deeper (acne) scars
  • actinic keratosis (preliminary stage of skin cancer)
  • elastosis
  • liver and pigment spots
  • wrinkles
  • large pores

Another advantage of this treatment method is that the laser skin rejuvenation is very gentle to the skin, compared to other peelings. Even smaller bleedings hardly occur. Furthermore, temporary skin discolorations occur only rarely. Before the peeling with the fractional laser the skin can be creamed with an anaesthetic ointment so that the treatment usually passes nearly painless. After the treatment the skin should be treated gently and protected from direct sunlight for several weeks. The treatment is repeated several times.

Medical peeling at KÖ-KLINIK

You would like to do something against the damages or the changes of your skin? An effective means is the medical peeling. KÖ-KLINIK offers you different effective methods which all adapt to your individual complaints. In a non-binding counselling interview our experts and you will find out which peeling is best for you. Make an appointment and contact us by phone or by using our contact form. We are looking forward to your inquiry!