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Gentle anti-ageing treatment for face, neck and décolleté

Coldness, sun and heat leave their traces on our skin. Our skin suffers especially in the summer months and is being heavily strained. Additionally, our skin loses humidity and elasticity from year to year. The skin often seems pale and the first few dryness wrinkles can be seen. The mesotherapy can give the skin its freshness back. An injection with non-cross-linked Hyaluron acid vitalises, smoothens and imbues your skin. The anti-ageing treatment improves the skin texture and restores the balance of humidity.

What is the mesotherapy?

The mesotherapy is an effective method of rejuvenate the skin at which an effect combination of non-cross-linked Hyaluron acid is being brought into the skin extensively. Very fine injection needles guarantee a very targeted and even treatment. Like this, we can successfully treat very deep skin layers which could not be reached with any creams. The mesotherapy has the effect of an “inner cream” that makes the skin feel fresh again.

Beside the face and the neck, the mesotherapy is also suitable for skin areas that have not been accessible for other therapy measures so far, such as décolleté and hands.

Which effect can I expect?

The mesotherapy supports the ability to regenerate and the storage capacity of the skin. The appearance of the skin is gaining tension and elasticity. In addition to that, the skin is getting revitalised and looks younger, fresher and more tighten. Already after a few sessions you can see the success. The skin shines again and feels soft and smooth.

For who and for which regions is the anti-ageing treatment suitable?

The treatment is especially recommendable

  • for skin that is damaged by sun and nicotine
  • to preserve and restore a fresh and juvenile skin texture.

In general the mesotherapy is worth from the 30. year on when the skin is tired. We can treat the entire face and cheek area including the décolleté and the hands.

Mesotherapy: How is the treatment procedure?

For the beginning we recommend three to four treatments with an intervals of two to three weeks. As anaesthesia we can apply an anaesthetic ointment. The later preservation therapy respectively the refreshing treatment should be carried out once or twice a year.

What has to be considered after the anti-ageing treatment?

Only few days after the treatment you are presentable again. Maybe there will be a slight skin irritation and a little redness. In case haematoma arise, you can easily put make-up over them.

What does the treatment cost?

A treatment package of three treatments depends on the skin texture, the determined effect combination and the area to be treated and costs between 500 and 700 euro. The face mesotherapy costs 250 euro per session.

Who carries out the treatment?

This revitalising treatment is being carried out in close collaboration with KÖ-HAIR. Mr. Bruce M. Reith, the mesotherapist, disposes of a long-standing experience in this field.