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Vampire Lifting

Autoblood therapy against wrinkles and other sings of ageing

One of the most effective ingredients for a youthful and fresh appearance is the own blood. To say it more detailed: the plasma in it which contains a lot of blood platelets. Wrinkle treatment with autoblood, also called vampire lifting, is very much in common among the Hollywood stars. Beginning at the Californian coast, the vampire lifting first captured the entire USA and finally the KÖ. This is not surprising. At the vampire lifting we inject an endogenous ingredient so that side effects and allergenic reactions can nearly be excluded at this treatment.

Gentle and effective: PRP therapy at KÖ-KLINIK

The vampire lifting belongs to the minimally invasive treatments. At these especially gentle interventions the skin and the tissue right under it is only damaged minimally. The experts from KÖ-KLINIK extract a very little quantity of blood, usually 20 millilitres are enough. The blood is being filtrated, centrifuged and enriched until the PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) remains. Already half an hour after the preparation process the plasma can be injected and can develop its full effect. Not only is the PRP very well tolerated. Also the vampire lifting usually takes place nearly painless thanks to the local anaesthesia. Directly after the treatment the face might swell up a little bit or might be reddened. But this side effect subsides after a short period of time. Our specialist will give you a cooling mask directly after the autoblood therapy which will also help you.

Vampire lifting stimulates stem cells

The blood platelets (thrombocytes) of the PRP are real power packs. They contain a big amount of growth hormones which help the blood vessels to regenerate and to create new connective tissue. On top of that, the PRP stimulates the production of new stem cells. Those stimulate the production of the skin-tightening proteins collagen and elastin. The consequence: The skin is getting tighter and softer. Beside the proteins, the body increasingly produces Hyaluron acid after the vampire lifting. This ingredient stores moisture in the tissue and supports the collagenous and elastin fibres. Like this, wrinkles are padded out. Hyaluron is an endogenous substance whose proportion is being reduced in the skin when we get older. This is one of the main reasons for a wrinkle formation. A vampire lifting at KÖ-KLINIK counteracts this effect. The autoblood therapy is not only perfect for reducing wrinkles. Furthermore, the blood platelets which are full of plasma also strengthen the skin against harmful environmental influences and thus counteract the signs of ageing. Additionally, the PRP therapy has proven as a treatment method against hair loss.

Vampire lifting at KÖ-KLINIK

The vampire lifting is a very gentle and effective treatment against wrinkles and the signs of ageing of the skin. The standard at KÖ-KLINIK before any intervention represents a comprehensive and specialist advice. Of course, this is also valid for minimally invasive treatments such as the PRP therapy. Are you interested in a vampire lifting? If yes, do not hesitate and agree on a non-binding interview at KÖ-KLINIK. This is easy and does not need much time. Simply call us or use the contact form. We are looking forward to your inquiry.